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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Enjoy the video of my new community lot - Circus.
I recommend you to watch it in half-size window.

And enjoy over 150 pictures of this amazing lot!
It includes all traditional rooms for classical circus: cages for animals, director cabinet, change-room for artists, show-arena, cafe, wardrobe, WC-room, tickets-area, second floor with long corridors decorating with own pictures, place where you can buy pop-corn and a lot of nice rooms!
Discover the circus yourself...

SPECIAL THANKS TO Severinka for her Circus Set.


Lot Size: 64*64

Needs: The Store Circus Set, The Store towns Hidden Spring and Monte Vista, all addons and stuffs including The Supernatural.

Also see the links with the custom content in package-files.
You need One More Slot Please,
Paris Set - Part 2 and also Part 1
Package-Files for Buy Mode
Pounawea_CC for terrains
and The Store Objects in packages in you haven't them.

Read Me Before Install Me


  1. Юлик,уму не постижимо!
    Даже боюсь спросить сколько ты строила такой грандиозный и сложный лот.
    Величественный ,праздничный и прекрасный.
    Когда смотрела видео,то не покидала мысль:"Сейчас на арену выбегут тигра!"
    Поздравляю :*

    1. моему уму это тоже непостижимо))) строила безумно долго...
      ...видео сделала, чтобф показать размах всего проекта...

  2. This is so lovely. What an awesome job you've done. You've gained a new fan :) Keep up the good work.

  3. first impression: FUCK YEAHHH!!!!! 8DDD

  4. Цирк - шикарен! Работа потрясающая! Ваша задумка и ее воплощение великолепно!

    1. спасибо большое, я очень рада!

  5. Maravilloso !!!... Es un trabajo ultra creativo... Felicitaciones !!!

  6. Hi Melissa. I love your work. Unfortunately this is the only mod I can't seem to get to work properly. It wont activate in my launcher. I have all the required content and files. Can you think of any reason it might not be activating? Thank you.

  7. will it work without hidden spring and monte vista?