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Hello, dear friend!

As you already know, I like The Sims as much as it possible.
Hope, my works give you a lot of joy and pleasure.
If you want to tell me smth personally, not in comments, you can use my e-mail or my mobile.
I know well two languages: russian and english. A little bit german.
So, you can use these languages to speak to me.
Don't be shy, mail me in any case - if you want to ask about installation or suggest some project or just want to find new sims-fan.
I will be glad to get your mails, sms and calls.

Yours, Melissa Schwarz


Mobile: +375-25-6853416


  1. Здравствуйте, Мелисса!
    Скажите, колодец, сделанный из фонтана, это ваша работа?

    Я везде ищу и не могу найти, чтобы скачать(

    1. нет, не моя...
      к сожалению, не могу помочь ее найти, так как сама впервые вижу этот объект.